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RESIDENTS - Community

Community Capacity And Support

The community has a strong back bone through the many dedicated volunteers, supportive organizations/groups, contributing businesses, coordinating agencies, and kind individual citizens that supports community projects, initiatives, activities, and causes.  This community capacity and support positively impacts all aspects of community from recreation, social, heritage, health, education, spirituality, safety, and more.  Everyone benefits from community youth network to the 50+ senior club. 

Pictured below is an example of community capacity and support for a project.  It is the end of build day for phase I of the construction of the community park organized by the "Moms For Play Committee".  Phase II and Phase III have since been completed. 

Build Day

Town Beautification

The town clean ups are conducted annually.  However, from organizations to businesses to residents there is a strong interest in maintaining properties and public spaces.  Everyone can do their part and encourage others with respect to properties, streets, and public spaces.  The effort of businesses and residents alike in their are greatly appreciated by both residents and visitors alike. 

Pictured below is an example of a well landscaped and maintained commercial property.  It is the Swanger Cove Hatchery.
Swanger Cove Hatchery

Volunteer Database Registration

Residents interested in participating in various activities or offering themselves for volunteer service can complete and submit a volunteer database registration form.  This is an option for anyone not having the time to commit to an organization or group but able to assist with an event or an activity.  Residents can also approach various organizations and groups in the community to join or to offer their assistance for a specific purpose, activity or event.  Visit the Newsletters and Circulars link in the red bar at the top of this webpage or any webpage for more information. 

Pictured below is a group of volunteers that a critical to the community.  It is the picture of the St. Alban's Volunteer Fire Department at a training excercise.

Fire Dept

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