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RESIDENTS - Living & Working

Rural Lifestyle & Strong Connections

The Town of St. Alban's offers a rural lifestyle with easy access to the countryside, ocean, and large freshwater ponds/lakes.   The area is scenic and offers year round natural beauty and activity.  There is a strong connection to the area by local residents and those that reside elsewhere but originated from St. Alban's and/or area.  The town has strong roots as evident from frequent visits from the sons and daughters of the town and area (that are living away) and from the many folks that return to the area for work in local industry and/or to retire.  People that moved here from other towns, provinces, and countries develop strong connections with both the people and the area.  It is a relaxed pace of life in a secure and safe environment for families and seniors alike as well as everyone in between.

Services For Individuals, Families, & Businesses

The town and area provides the essential public services for individuals, families, and businesses.   The Bay d'Espoir Medical Centre is located in town with doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, lab technicians, etc.   The medical centre provides medical appointments, walk-in service times, lab services, and emergency services.  Bay d' Espoir Academy is a K-12 all grade school with a full curriculum located in the nearby town of Milltown-Head Bay d'Espoir.  The town also has a Regional Resource Centre that contains various service agencies including Health and Community Services, Department of Advanced Education and Skills, and the Community Business Development Corporation.  A full service Canada Post Office serves the community.  There are also many community organizations that provide recreational, social, spiritual, and other important support services to the community.

Main Industries

The main industry in the town and area include hydro generation and aquaculture.  The hydro generating station is the largest on the island of Newfoundland.  Aquaculture is very prevalent and also includes a large support sector via both public and private facilities.  There is publicly owned state of the art Aquatic Fish Health Laboratory and Aquaculture Development Centre and a privately owned 58,000 square foot hatchery among other facilities.  There is also a aquaculture processing plant, net and cage manufacturing firm, diving services, and more.

Business Sector & Services

The retail and service sector includes businesses that provide all the necessary services including groceries, gas and convenience, hardware and building material, pharmacy, clothing, department store, variety and giftware, furniture, electronics, liquor and beer, computer sales and service, taxi services, garage and vehicle services, flower shop, hair and beauty salons, barbershop, wholesale distributors, motels and cottages, efficiency units, restaurants, fast food, retirement home, bookkeeping services, banking services, carpentry and trades contractors, heavy equipment contractors, funeral homes, etc.  There is also a business and industry service sector that provides industrial or other services to other businesses or to industries in the area such as hydro generation and aquaculture.

Careers & Employment

The employment opportunities in the town and area include those in the skilled trades, marine technology, sciences, business, education, health and medical, service industry, labour, and others.  There have been many people that have moved to the town and area and/or former residents that returned for these opportunities in recent years.

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