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Public Works Department

The Town of St. Alban's provides public works facilities and related services.  The municipal water supply consists of artesian wells providing high quality drinking water to residents.  In addition to water services the town has a sewage treatment facility.  The public works department is responsible for maintaining the water and sewage systems as well as for road services.   Road services includes maintenance in summer season and snow clearing in the winter season.  The main roadway (Main Street) through town is a provincial roadway to which the province is responsible (also Shallow Bay Drive).  The Town is responsible for side and branch roads that are not personal roadways.

The public works staff consists of the Public Works Superintendent and two Utility Workers (operators and labourers).  The utility workers have heavy equipment operator and labour responsibilities.  Other casual workers and contractors are engaged as required for public work projects and activties requiring more human resources and/or equipment. 

The public works facilities consists of Artesian Well Site and Facilities, Main Pump and Well Reservoir, Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Storage Tank, System of Water Pumping Sites, System of Sewage Lift Stations, and the Town Garage and Depot.  The public works major town vehicles and heavy equipment includes a two trucks (one dump), a loader, and a backhoe. 

Town Hall Public Works Dept

Fire Department

The Town of St. Alban's provides fire protection facilities and related services.   The fire department provides fire and rescue services.  The St. Alban's Fire & Rescue is the key responder in many types of events from fires, medical emergencies, rescue, recovery, and many other services.   

The fire department personnel are volunteers and consists of a Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief and upwards of 30 firefighters.  The firefighters do local training and exercises, course training, and members attend fire school training courses.

The fire department facilities consists of a fire hall that contains a kitchen, meeting/training room, and garage.  The fire department major vehicles and equipment includes a pumper truck, equipment truck, jaws of life, ice rescue board, and other items.

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Town Hall Fire Dept

Recreation Department

The Town of St. Alban's provides recreational facilities and related services.   There are summer and winter activities available to residents and some programming in various seasons throughout the year.  Ice skating, minor hockey, and hockey leagues are the major winter activity.  In other seasons, the community park and playground as well as other facilities such as soccer field, basket ball court, tennis court, and other grounds are available.

The recreation department staff include a Recreational Director and Assistant Recreational Director in the winter season when the Arena is operating with an ice surface.  There is a volunteer recreation committee that oversees the recreation activity and arena facility.

The recreation facilities include the Bay d'Espoir Rec Plex that serves the entire Bay d'Espoir area.  This arena is used for various events in the other seasons when no ice surface is present.  The recreational facilities and grounds also include the community park and playground, basket ball court, and tennis court.

To view the Recreation Department picture gallery please click here.

Town Hall Recreation Dept

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