Town Office: 709-538-3132

Emergency Contacts:

Fire, Emergency & Rescue:

St. Alban's Fire Department

Tel: (709) 538-3000

Milltown Fire Department

Tel: (709) 882-2000

Ambulance & Emergency Medical Response:

Bay d'Espoir Ambulance Service

Tel: (709) 538-3117

Emergency Medical Response & Transport


Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Tel: (709) 882-2230

Public Protection, Security, & Investigation

Medical & Emergency Services:

Bay d'Espoir Medical Centre

Tel: (709) 538-3244

Central NL Hospital Switch Board

Tel: (709) 292-2500

Health Line:

NL Health Line

Tel: 1-888-709-2929

Public Works & Transportation:

Town of St. Alban's

Tel: (709) 538-3132

Water, Sewer, Roads, etc.

NL Dept. Transportation, Works and Services

Tel: (709) 292-4444

Dispatch - Provincial Highways and Roadways, etc

Social Services & Human Resources:

Advanced Education & Skills

Tel: 1-888-632-4555

Payments, & Financial Supports

Mental Health Crisis Line

Tel: 1-888-737-4668

Social Services, Counseling, & Related Supports

Utility & Communication Services:


Tel: 1-888-737-1296

Electricity Outage Reporting & Information

Bell Aliant

Tel: 1-888-214-7896

Communications Outage Reporting & Information

Emergency Preparedness

Personal Emergency Preparedness Information

Individuals and families are encouraged to be prepared for 72 hours in the event of an emergency impacting a portion of the community, the entire community or multiple communities. This includes having sufficient water, food that requires little preparation, and various other essential items on hand for the entire family or household. This includes special supplies such as medical supplies or medications or equipment as applicable to individual needs. The links below detail the list of items and supplies that should be in the personal emergency preparedness kits. These checks should be checked regularly as per items that need be replaced or updated due to expiration. In major events and/or disasters impacting communities, from prolonged power outages to major weather events causing risk to persons or property, this preparation is very important. It allows time for municipal, provincial, and federal governments and authorities and related agencies (as appropriate to the event) to mobilize to provide supports via their emergency preparedness plans and coordination with various emergency responder organizations. For more information on being prepared visit the resources at the Red Cross, Get Prepared, and Fire and Emergency Services websites.

Red Cross

Get Prepared

Fire & Emergency Services

Municipal and Provincial (and Federal) Emergency Preparedness Information

Town Council has an emergency preparedness plan to which will guide the actions of the municipality in a significant event impacting the community or a significant portion of it to which an event threatens persons and/or property. This is not to be confused with the response to a typical incident such as a personal medical emergency, a single building fire, an one to two car accident, or similar incidents to which emergency medical response (ambulance), fire department, police and/or other first responders attend to the incident. Municipal emergency management is initiated when significant hazards threaten or have already impacted the community depending on the scenario or circumstance of the emergency. Sometimes it can initiated in preparation for and in response to an anticipated event such as a major weather warning that presents significant risk to persons or properties or in response to an unanticipated event such as an environmental spill. These are just a few examples. The Emergency Management Committee of Town Council in case of municipal emergency response and/or Fire and Emergency Services in case of provincial emergency response will utilize Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs) and coordinate with various first responders as appropriate to the circumstance or event. Should the event escalate beyond municipal capacity the provincial government will assist and the provincial government will access resources of the federal government or other jurisdictions if the size and scope of the disaster impacting the one or more communities within the province necessitates.

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