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Business information is available including the business directory, resources, tax rates, regulations, and town profile. This website section provides all the business information for the Town of St. Alban's via links provided. Should you not find the business information you are seeking here please visit other sections of this website such as the contact section or town hall section. If you cannot find the business information you are seeking on this website you may contact the town office for assistance.

Business Directory

Business directory categories include accommodations, ambulance service, aquaculture and related services, arts and crafts, auto/mechanical services, banking/financial services, bars/lounges, beauty/barber salons, church services, clothing/accessories, communications, confectionery/gas bars, construction related, diving services, economic and business development, electronics, flower/gift/variety, funeral services, furniture and appliances, general interest groups, grocery, hardware, health and related services, leisure activities, library services, manufacturing, non-profit organizations, personal care facility, pharmacy, postal services, restaurants/food services, service clubs, transportation, and wholesalers.

Business Directory


The following are some of business resources and services are available. Please consult the town office for the necessary town applications for business permits, commercial development, etc.

Financial Services, Business Services, Business Investment, and Business Financing

- Financial Services Bank of Montreal (BMO) - Local branch in St. Alban's.

- Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) - Area branch located in Grand Falls-Windsor.

- Department of Innovation, Business, Rural and Development (IBRD) - Local office in St. Alban's.

- Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) - Area office located in Grand Falls-Windsor.

- Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry & Innovation (TCII)

- Department of Fisheries and Land Resources (FLR)

- CBDC South Coast (South Coast Community Business Development Corporation)

Programs and Services for Employers & Job Seekers

- Department of Advanced Education and Skills (AES) - Local office located in St. Alban's.

- Service Canada - Area office located in Grand Falls-Windsor and resources available online. Also located in Regional Resource Center in St. Albans (every six weeks).

Business Information, Business Permits and Licenses, and Related Resources

- Canada Business Network - Provincial office located in St. John's and resources available online.

- Service NL - Local area office located in Grand Falls-Windsor and resources available online.

- Business Permit Guide for NL - Biz Pal (online service).

- Service Canada - Area office located in Grand Falls-Windsor and resources available online. Also located in Regional Resource Center in St. Albans (every six weeks).

Regulatory Agencies

- Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) - Tax Service Centre in St. John's and resources available online.

- Workplace Health, Safety, and Compensation Commission (WHSCC) - Local area office in Grand Falls-Windsor.

Industry, Business, Corporate, and Government Information Related to Town and Area

- NALCOR and Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro - Major hydro generation site located in the area.

- Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture (DFA) - Provincial department.

- Department of Fisheries and Oceans - Federal department.

- Exploits and South Chamber of Commerce - Chamber serving central NL (Exploits) and South Coast (Coast of Bays Region)

Aquaculture and Related Services

- Cooke Aquaculture Inc.; P.O. Box 378; St. Alban's, NL; A0H 2E0; 709-538-3590(P); 709-538-3548(F)

- Department of Fisheries and Land Resources; P.O. Box 340; St. Alban's, NL; A0H 2E0; 709-538-3725(P); 709-538-3768(F)

- MOWI (Formerly Northern Harvest Sea Farms); P.O. Box 400; St. Alban's, NL; A0H 2E0; 709-538-3231(P); 709-538-3022(F)

- Newfoundland and Labrador Aquaculture Industry Association (NAIA); 88 Main Street, P.O. Box 27; St. Alban's, NL; A0H 2E0; 709-538-3454(P); 709-538-3464(F)

- Nordic Salmon; P.O. Box 451; St. Alban's, NL; A0H 2E0; 709-538-3335(P); 709-538-3335(F)

- St. Alban’s Seafoods/Barry Group; P.O. Box 9, 5 Wharf Lane; St. Alban's, NL; A0H 2E0; 709-538-3772(P); 709-538-3773(P); 709-538-3468(P); 709-538-3407(F)

- Strickland's Diving Ltd.; P.O. Box 399; St. Alban's NL; A0H 2E0; 709-538-3888; 709-538-7059

- Swanger Cove Hatchery - Cooke Aquaculture; Swangers Cove, NL; A0H 2E0

Not-For-Profit Organizations

- Bay d’Espoir Local Cancer Benefit Group; P.O. Box 357; St. Alban’s, NL; A0H 2E0

Tax Rates

The town has various permit fees for commercial development, landfill tipping fees, tax certificate fee, different classifications for water and sewer service rates, and various business mill rates for different business categories.

Tax Rates


The town has both a municipal plan and development regulations. Please consult the town office for more information or if you have questions or to inquire about required permits.

Municipal Plan

Development Regulations

Please consult Service NL for more information as applicable to licensing and other business requirements. Visit the "Resources" link under the business section of this website for more information.

Town Profile


The town is the largest service centre in the area and the prevalent industries in the town and area include aquaculture and hydro generation. Commercial development and residential development is continually expanding in both the town and area. There is a major fish hatchery located within the town, an aquaculture equipment manufacturing and service firm, and an aquaculture product fish plant. Located in the area is a major hydro generation plant and site, the largest on the island of Newfoundland. Both industries are major employers and purchasers of goods and services.

Public Services and Business Resources

The town has many business services and public services within the town. Bank of Montreal (BMO) has a full service branch located in town and there are other commercial banks in the region and central NL. There is a Regional Resource Centre located within the town which includes the Community Business Development Corporation, Dept. of Innovation, Business & Rural Development, Community Health Services, and Dept. of Advanced Education and Skills, etc. There is also an Aquaculture Development Centre and Aquatic Health Laboratory (Dept. of Fisheries and Aquaculture) located within the town. There is a full service Canada Post Office.

Business Sector

Businesses located within the town include all the retail, wholesale, service, and other sectors desired by consumers and businesses alike. The town has accommodations, food and restaurant services, grocery, hardware/building material, pharmacy, gas and convenience, auto repair, barber and beauty salons, funeral homes, clothing and variety, courier and transportation, taxi services, contracting, trucking, heavy equipment, construction and carpentry, bookkeeping, wholesale distributors, lounges, flowers and gifts, home decor, and more.

Essential Services

Located within the town are many essential services. There is a medical centre, emergency medical response (EMR) service, and fire department located within the town. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment is also located in a nearby town of Milltown-Head Bay d'Espoir. Bay d'Espoir Academy, a K to Grade 12 school is also located in St. Albans. There is also cooperation with that town's fire department. All of the forgoing essential services serve the entire area.

Recreation and Amenities

Amenities, recreational and leisure services located in the town and/or area include Arena and Recreation Complex, Community Park, Community Youth Network and Fitness Centre Facility, Seniors Club, Gymnasium, Public Library, Boat Launch, Cook's Landing Heritage Site, RV Water Refill/Dumping Station, and much more.

Service Organizations

There are many service organizations and community groups serving the community and related facilities. These include the Lions Club Community Centre, Royal Canadian Legion, and others. There are more details in other sections of this site.

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