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Mayor Gail Hoskins

Mayor Hoskins graduated from Memorial University of NL in 1996 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Coop) degree. Gail moved from her home in Harbour Breton over twenty years ago to work with the early planning of the Coast of Bays Corporation – one of the Regional Economic Development Boards of the day. From there she was successful in securing a position as an Economic Development Officer in 1998 with the provincial Department of Development & Rural Renewal at that time, now known as the Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry & Innovation, at the office in St. Alban’s. From the outset Gail became involved in the community. First with the Recreation committee and was very instrumental in working with the members of the committee to develop the local outdoor rink to the Bay D’Espoir Rec-Plex. Working to develop partnerships in the community with the local Lions Club, Royal Canadian Legion, the business community and the municipal council, Gail was instrumental in making the community leaders see the ‘big picture’ of the social and economic benefits of such a facility in an area with a relatively small population of approximately 3,500. Assisting with the development of proposals for funding to install refrigeration equipment, obtain boards and glass from the NHL Goals and Dreams program, construction of dressing rooms, installation of a warm room, installation of a continuous-pour floor and a new Olympia ice re-surfacer, Gail has had a role to play in every facet of development of the Bay D’Espoir Rec Plex. With two young boys of her own, Gail became, and still is, a hockey mom and was instrumental in rejuvenating the Bay D’Espoir Minor Hockey League and served on the executive of the league. Gail is an active member of the St. Alban’s Festival Committee, who, along with her colleagues – representatives of various community organizations - hold a series of fundraising dinner theatres throughout the year to enable the committee to provide a cost-free festival for the community during Canada Day, Christmas Tree light up and the St. Alban’s Winterlude. Other groups Gail has been involved in over the years are the Bay d’Espoir Community Youth Network, St. Alban’s Heritage Committee, Bay d’Espoir Alternative Measures, local and provincial NAPE union teams, and the former Nova Central School Board.

Deputy Mayor Connie Willcott

Councillor Willcott was elected to Council in 2008, 2009, and 2013. Councillor Willcott serves on the Administration and Personnel Committee as Chair and Public Works and Lands Committee. She has served and serves with various organizations and committees. Connie is an educator and administrator serving as the Principal of Bay d'Espoir Academy that services the entire area. She holds related degrees including undergraduate, education and masters in administration and educational psychology.

Councillor Norbert Benoit

Councillor Benoit was elected to Council in 2005, 2009, and 2013. Councillor Benoit serves on the Finance Committee as Chair and the Emergency Management Committee as Chair. He also serves as the Fire Department Liaison. He has served and serves as a member of various community based groups. Norbert works with NL Hydro Corporation and has a technical background, training, and education.

Councillor Pius Howse

Councillor Howse was elected to Council in 2009 and 2013. Councillor Howse serves on the Public Works and Lands Committee and Beautification Advisory Committee. He has served and serves with various local organizations and groups. Pius is retired and previously worked in the construction industry as an operator. Pius holds licensing and certifications related to his career.

Councillor Cindy Cox

Councillor Cox was elected as a member of Council in 2017. Cindy has been very active in the Town of St. Alban's volunteering for more than 15 years. Cindy is currently the chair of the St. Alban's Festive Events Committee, Treasurer and Secretary for the St. Alban's Heritage Society, as well as Secretary for the St. Ignatius Church Repair Committee. Cindy has a diploma in Legal Office. She is also a volunteer Firette supporting the St. Alban's Fire and Rescue Department. Cindy is currently employed as a custodian at the Bay D' Espoir Medical Clinic with Central Health. She is a mother of six children but nevertheless has been very instrumental in assisting redidents and organizations with fundraisers to help with medical emergencies as well as crisis situations.

Councillor Rhonda Harding

Councillor Harding was elected to Council in 2017.

Councillor Michael Strickland

Councillor Strickland was elected to Council in 2018.

Council Meeting Schedule

Regular public meetings of Council are the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month. Other meetings are held in committee, special meetings, and privileged meetings as required. Councillors will serve on as many as two or more internal Council committees and may also serve in a liaison capacity to external committees. This may also include adhoc and/or standing advisory committees to Council. The Mayor serves as an ex-official member of all internal Council committees.

Council Rules of Procedure

Council conducts scheduling of meetings and conduct of meetings per adopted Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure

Standing Committees of Council

Finance Committee
Public Works and Lands Committee
Administration and Personnel Committee

Council Liaison

St. Alban's Fire and Rescue Department
St. Alban's Recreation Committee

Other Committees and Liaison Roles

There are other council advisory committees and other liaison roles to other organizations as necessary.

Regional Committees

The Mayor serves on the regional Joint Mayors Committee.

Council Annual Remuneration

Mayor - $3,826.08
Deputy Mayor - $3,130.44
Councillor - $2,608.68

Council remuneration is set and administered in accordance with the Council Remuneration and Reimbursement Regulations.

Council Remuneration Guide

Council Expense Reimbursement

Council Expense and Activity Procedures

Rules of Procedure


Public Works Department

The Town of St. Alban's provides public works facilities and related services. The municipal water supply consists of artesian wells providing high quality drinking water to residents. In addition to water services the town has a sewage treatment facility. The public works department is responsible for maintaining the water and sewage systems as well as for road services. Road services includes maintenance in summer season and snow clearing in the winter season. The main roadway (Main Street) through town is a provincial roadway to which the province is responsible (also Shallow Bay Drive). The Town is responsible for side and branch roads that are not personal roadways. The public works staff consists of two Utility Workers (operators and labourers). The utility workers have heavy equipment operator and labour responsibilities. Other casual workers and contractors are engaged as required for public work projects and activties requiring more human resources and/or equipment. The public works facilities consists of Artesian Well Site and Facilities, Main Pump and Well Reservoir, Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Storage Tank, System of Water Pumping Sites, System of Sewage Lift Stations, and the Town Garage and Depot. The public works major town vehicles and heavy equipment includes a two trucks (one dump), a loader, and a backhoe.

Fire Department

The Town of St. Alban's provides fire protection facilities and related services. The fire department provides fire and rescue services. The St. Alban's Fire & Rescue is the key responder in many types of events from fires, medical emergencies, rescue, recovery, and many other services. The fire department personnel are volunteers and consists of a Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief and upwards of 30 firefighters. The firefighters do local training and exercises, course training, and members attend fire school training courses. The fire department facilities consists of a fire hall that contains a kitchen, meeting/training room, and garage. The fire department major vehicles and equipment includes a pumper truck, equipment truck, jaws of life, ice rescue board, and other items.

Recreation Department

The Town of St. Alban's provides recreational facilities and related services. There are summer and winter activities available to residents and some programming in various seasons throughout the year. Ice skating, minor hockey, and hockey leagues are the major winter activity. In other seasons, the community park and playground as well as other facilities such as basketball court, tennis court, soccer field, softball field, volleyball court (sand) and other grounds are available. The recreation department staff include a Recreational Director and Assistant Recreational Director in the winter season when the Arena is operating with an ice surface. There is a volunteer recreation committee that oversees the recreation activity and arena facility. The recreation facilities include the Bay d'Espoir Rec Plex that serves the entire Bay d'Espoir area. This arena is used for various events in the other seasons when no ice surface is present. The recreational facilities and grounds also include the community park and playground, basket ball court, and tennis court.


The meeting schedule of council can be found in the Rules of Procedure. The public regular meetings of council are held at 7:00pm on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month from January to June and from September to December. In July and August, the public regular council meetings are held the 1st Mondays of the month. Special meetings are held when required and committee meetings are held for committees of Council. Available below are public regular meeting minutes.


Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure as it applies to Council



The main financial documents of the town are budgets and financial statements. Please refer to the year and document to find the related information.



Financial Statements


The town has various planning and reporting documents. More information will be added here in the future. Please consult the town office if you require more information or if you have questions.

Development And Plans


Policies and Regulations



The town has various permit fees for residential and commercial development, landfill tipping fees, tax certificate fee, different classifications for water and sewer rates, minimum tax amounts and residential mill rates, and various business mill rates for different business categories.



Permit application guides and development regulations will assist property owners and contractors with applying for development permits and thus meeting the requirements. Failure to obtain a permit could result in stop work and/or removal order thus costing both property owners and contractors valuable time and money.

Permit Guides


Municipal Plan and Development Regulations


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